Style House on “Cose di Casa”

1st march 2016
Style House makes his first appearance into Ristrutturare magazine on Cose di Casa. As master are compack and rototraslante, two solutions able to minimize the dimensions in opening without neglecting beauty and elegance.

2nd april 2016
Cartesio is a collection of doors take cured in every detail, where the minimalism of a symbol, vertical or horizontal, is translated in a band decorative slightly out that gives character to leaf in a rhythm of tone and colours.

3rd june 2016
Flat filomuro, the stylehouse response to changing needs of contemporary, a component that fails to integrate easy, even in challenging environment.

4th july 2016
A dossier on doors, real characters of any environment. Cose di casa says advantages and restrictions of the different open solutions, design and finishes fashionable suitable for every solution of furniture.

5th september 2016
The new project solid light (design by celestino sanna) proposes to doors program contemporary, developed on a system 3d pattern, interacting with space-light scenarios creating decorative articulated and dynamic.

Cose di Casa - Marzo 2016
Cose di Casa - Aprile 2016
Cose di Casa - Giugno 2016
Cose di Casa - Settembre 2016
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