MADE EXPO 2017, unprecedented success!

Made Expo came to an end about a month ago but we are still as excited as we were the day we came home, exhausted and elated at the same time. A large number of visitors attended this year; dealers, technicians, suppliers, all looking for new ideas and new inspirations.

Style House was one of the stars of this edition. One of the most popular new features, the evolution of the Solid Light project, with 3D surfaces that can extend to the entire wall from the door panel, offering a new boiserie concept. What’s more: finishes that offer wood effects, opening solutions that solve space problems while furnishing with style and elegance, latest generation technologies. Brand new, the frame with water-repellent trim. An ultra-resistant resin composite material was tested to even resist running water.

Doors and more…the BATIK line was a hit! The sophisticated pattern, trendy colours and possibility of a fabric door that can match furnishing elements has guaranteed the total success of this new SH idea. Many projects are still in the making as well as our desire to share them with those who support us every day and recognise an opportunity in our work. Keep following us, good things are yet to come.