The Style House doors owes its beginnings to the great passion that guides us from more than thirty years. The refined craft knowledge makes excusive our doors, like no other industrial product could never be.

Style House has consolidated its presence on the market by focusing on the innovation and research of finishing and colours always up to date, able to adapt to every home enviroment.

The porsuit of quality and beauty is a commitment undertaken by style house to guarantee even consistently better products and ever higher performances.

Our efforts, both creative and productive, are aimed at maximizing the customer’s satisfaction, constituting the primary objective and motivation of our daily commitment.



A young company, dynamic, attentive to the customers

A young company, dynamic, attentive to the customers

Broad range of finishes, exclusive wood essences, constant search for new materials

Great production flexibility, "customized" projects
Investimenti tecnologici, sistemi informatici di nuova generazione plasmati sull'azienda

Technological investments, information systems of new generation shaped on the company
Progettazione personalizzata dello spazio espositivo

Costumized designed of the exhibition space
Il Green Team come supporto alla rete vendita e commerciale

The Green Team provides support to sales and commercial network

Land values

Sybaris was a city of Ancient Greece in the Ionian Sea, overlooking the Gulf of Taranto, between the rivers Crati and Coscile, gathered about 5 km from the sea, but once with independent mouth of river. Sibari arose in the '60, a few miles north of the archaeological sites of the Parco del Cavallo, Prolungamento strada and Casabianca, near to each other. There's also a place, called Stombi, slightly away from these three places. In the twenty-first century became a hamlet of Cassano all'Ionio and is based on a tourist traffic.

Laghi di Sibari
Grotte di S. Angelo
Scavi di Sibari
Toro Cozzante di Sibari
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